Our API offers a comprehensive suite of tools for labeling and analyzing blockchain wallet addresses. It’s designed to enrich your applications with detailed context and insights into blockchain transactions.

Getting Started

Base URL: https://api-c.walletlabels.xyz/

To begin using the WalletLabels API, you first need to obtain an API key. Please register here to get started.


Currently, there are no rate limits on API requests.

Use your API key in every request to the API:

  x-api-key: demo-api-key-x-00000

Label Data Structure

_idStringUnique identifier for the label record.
blockchainStringName of the blockchain network.
addressStringBlockchain address being labeled.
address_nameStringHuman-readable name for the address.
label_typeStringBroad category of the label (e.g., ‘token’).
label_subtypeStringSpecific categorization under the label type.
labelStringConcise label or tag for the address.


Test the API live in our playground. Try out different requests and see real-time responses.

Support and Community

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Additional Resources

Feedback and Contributions

Your feedback is invaluable to us. For feature requests, feedback, or contributions, please reach out via our community channels.